Each card is identifiable by a Japanese name.  Please remember that while prints are $2.99 each, an original (collage) card is a piece of fine art ($12.50) and is suitable for framing. 

Originals and prints come with an envelope and protective sleeve.  To order several of the same printed note card, go back one page and click the card image again.  In the upper right area of the order page are the number of cards ordered and the subtotal.

Payment is through PayPal or Credit Card (U.S. dollars). Shipping is automatically added (see below):

    IN KENTUCKY:  FREE SHIPPING.  6% sales tax is added.

    TO U.S. STATES (except KY): 6% of the total order value.  Minimum: $4.00 (max: $8.00).

    INTERNATIONAL ORDERS:  Not currently offered through the website. 

Note cards are available for wholesale orders with galleries, shops, and businesses.   Contact me at lindahorvay@gmail.com. rather than ordering through the website.  Cost of shipping will be incurred for large orders.

If you have any questions, please click the "Contact" page and leave a message.        

Thank you for your interest in my work.